Juniper Networks Open Learning Schedule

Juniper Networks Open Learning Schedule 
Earn up to FIVE Juniper Networks Associate Certifications for FREE through Juniper Open Learning! Get Certified Today! Land your dream job. Score that promotion. Earn more. Differentiate yourself... Watch the video

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The Juniper Open Learning program offers a unique combination of formal training, certification preparation resources, and learning content to help you learn Juniper technologies and achieve Juniper certifications. Through the Open Learning Program, you may earn any Juniper Associate-level certification at no cost to you. The current live schedule appears below. Question? Read the FAQs

Topic Location Date Duration
JNCIA-DevOps Exam Preparation AMER Online (PST) Jul.14.2020 Three 90 min Sessions
Getting Started with 5G, Cloud and AI APAC Online (SGT) Jul.17.2020 90 min
JNCIS-ENT Candidate Experience AMER Online (PST) Jul.22.2020 90 min
JNCIA-SEC Exam Preparation APAC Online (HKT) Jul.30.2020 90 min
Migrating from CCNA to JNCIA AMER Online (PST) Aug.04.2020 90 min
JNCIE-SP Candidate Experience AMER Online (CST) Aug.05.2020 90 min
JNCIE-Cloud Candidate Experience AMER Online (CST) Aug.11.2020 90 min
JNCIA-Junos Exam Preparation AMER Online (PST) Aug.13.2020 Three 90 min Sessions
JNCIA-Cloud Exam Preparation AMER Online (PST) Sep.02.2020 Three 90 min Sessions
Using EVE-NG with Juniper Topologies AMER Online (CST) Sep.15.2020 90 min
JNCIA-SEC Exam Preparation AMER Online (PST) Sep.17.2020 Three 90 min Sessions
JNCIA-DevOps Exam Preparation AMER Online (PST) Oct.06.2020 Three 90 min Sessions
Migrating from CCNA to JNCIA AMER Online (PST) Oct.07.2020 90 min
JNCIE-DC Candidate Experience AMER Online (CST) Oct.14.2020 90 min
JNCIA-Junos Exam Preparation AMER Online (PST) Oct.15.2020 Three 90 min Sessions
JNCIS-ENT Candidate Experience AMER Online (PST) Oct.21.2020 90 min
JNCIS-DevOps Exam Overview AMER Online (CST) Oct.28.2020 90 min
JNCIE-ENT Candidate Experience AMER Online (CST) Nov.03.2020 90 min
JNCIA-Cloud Exam Preparation AMER Online (PST) Nov.19.2020 Three 90 min Sessions
JNCIS-SP Exam Overview AMER Online (CST) Nov.24.2020 90 min

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How long do I have access to the Open Learning materials in Junos Genius?
A: There is NO ACCESS LIMIT for learning material.

Q: Can you earn an exam voucher for any certification level?
A: No, vouchers are ONLY available for Associate-level certification exams once meeting all the requirements. Current certifications include: JNCIA-Junos, JNCIA-SEC, JNCIA-Cloud, JNCIA-DevOps, JNCDA.

Q: Are the live Open Learning sessions a requirement?
A: No. However, they are an excellent opportunity to hear key concepts explained by a subject matter expert and for you to ask questions.

Q: Are the live Open Learning sessions recorded?
A: No, they are NOT recorded.

Q: Are there hand-on labs as part of Open Learning?
A: No. However, there are recorded lab demonstrations at the end of many modules that you can watch.

Q: What are the requirements to earn an exam voucher?
A: You must complete the following within Junos Genius:

  • "Read Me" file at the start of the learning path
  • All eLearning modules
  • The practice exam and pass the voucher assessment test with a 70% score or higher

Q: For JNCIA exams specifically, how long do I have to pass the Voucher Assessment Test?
A: You may take the voucher assessment test at any time. There is NO DEADLINE. However, you may only take the voucher assessment test 3 times. Each time you click on it, that counts as an attempt. We cannot add additional attempts.

Q: Can I use my voucher to schedule an exam through PearsonVue Online Proctoring or only through a Testing Center?
A: You can ONLY schedule and take your exam using the voucher through Online Proctoring with PearsonVue.

Q: When I earn my voucher code to take any official JNCIA or JNCDA exam, how long is it valid?
A: Upon achieving 70% score (or better), users will receive an on-screen prompt to request their voucher. It is valid for approximately 30 days.

Q: I passed the Voucher Assessment Test but have not received my voucher. Who can I contact?
A: If you received an exam voucher previously, then you will not be issued another voucher. Otherwise if this if your first time taking the assessment and you did not receive your voucher then please submit your inquiries here and select Junos Genius from the contact form.

Q: If I pass the Voucher Assessment Test more than once, may I earn multiple exam vouchers?
A: You are eligible to earn one voucher per certification exam. Additional vouchers for a specific exam will not be provided even if you pass the voucher assessment test again or register for a future session. We scan for voucher misuse and fraud, and if detected your certifications will be revoked and you will be permanently banned from the certification program.

Q: I did not use my exam voucher before it expired. Can you extend the deadline or issue me a new voucher?
A: Unfortunately, we do not have the ability to extend voucher deadlines, or issue new vouchers.

Q: Can I give my exam voucher to someone else?
A: No, the vouchers are non-transferable. You must register for your exam using the same email address which you used to obtain your voucher.

Q: If I use my exam voucher and do not pass, may I earn another voucher?
A: No. We provide one voucher, per student, per exam.

Q: When will new dates for Open Learning sessions be added to the calendar?
A: Sessions are being added on an ongoing basis. Please periodically monitor the page to see when new sessions/dates are added.

Q: Where can I check if my home office environment meets the testing requirements to take the exam online?
A: On the Pearson Vue website

Q: Where can I go to learn about certification related information?

Q: Who can I contact with questions?
A: Please submit your inquiries here

Additional Questions or Comments? Contact the Open Learning Team