Juniper Training Credits

Juniper Training Credits 

What Are Juniper Training Credits?
Juniper Training Credits (JTCs) are a purchasing method for Juniper Networks training. JTCs are redeemable for any Juniper-delivered open enrollment, instructor-led online (ILO), private/onsite, or On-Demand course; classes offered by Juniper Networks Authorized Education Partners; and certification exam vouchers. They are valid for ONE (1) year from the date of purchase. The courses you choose must begin before your credits expire. All Juniper Networks Credits must be redeemed in U.S. Dollars (USD).

Benefits of Juniper Training Credits
JTCs are a convenient and efficient way to purchase and manage your training requirements that provide:
  • Easy, up-front budgeting, avoiding the allocation of training funds on an ad hoc basis
  • Reduced expenses and streamlined financial processes with a single purchase
  • The flexibility of a secured training budget for use over a 12-month period
  • Ability to develop a highly trained IT staff with skills that grow as your network evolves

Ordering Juniper Training Credits
JTCs may be ordered directly from your Juniper Networks account manager or Juniper partner. They may be purchased at any time, in combination with a product sale or independently. They are available in increments of $100 USD (U.S. Dollars), and one Training Credit equals one U.S. Dollar.

To determine how many JTCs please Contact Us

Instructions for Using Juniper Networks Training Credits

You can check your JTC balance at any time by selecting "Training Credit Balance" from the top navigation dropdown menu and enter your JTC code.

On-Demand courses combine comprehensive eLearning modules with real hands-on lab exercises.
  1. 1) Visit
  2. 2) Select the On-Demand Training course you wish to take.
  3. 3) On the course description page, click the 'Subscribe' button. You will then need to either log in using your existing Learning Portal User ID and Password or create a new account.
  4. 4) During the purchase process, choose Training Credits as method of payment and enter the JTC number code.
Within two hours of purchase, you should receive an email message with details on how to access your training course.
Juniper All-Access Training Passes provides access to every Juniper course, for an entire year, at one low price.
  1. 1) Visit
  2. 2) Click the 'Buy Now' button for individual passes or 'Request Quote' for Team and Enterprise passes.
  3. 3) For Individual passes, click the 'Subscribe' button.
  4. 4) For Team and Enterprise passes, include your contact details in the email you send.
Public, Open-Enrollment classes are available online and at Juniper Networks training centers.
  1. 1) Visit
  2. 2) Select your class and click the 'Register' button.
  3. 3) Choose Training Credits as method of payment and enter the JTC number code previously provided.
Addresses and directions to Juniper Networks Education Centers
Visit our Authorized Education Partners website and follow these steps:
  1. 1) Contact the JNAEP via the contact information provided by the JNAEP
  2. 2) Communicate that the method of payment will be using "Juniper Training Credits"
  3. 3) Provide them with the authorized JTC code number
JTCs can be redeemed for private onsite training (at the customer location). These classes are excellent for organizations that wish to directly align course content to their specific business objectives. Class set up and logistics are easy because of our 24-hour-a-day global training labs. To request a private onsite event please follow the instructions below:
  1. 1) Please fill-out this form to request a private onsite event.
  2. 2) Method of payment will be "Training Credits".
  3. 3) Provide authorized JTC code number.
Certifications earned by passing a JNCIE lab exam continue to give candidates the opportunity to distinguish themselves as the truly elite of the networking industry. JNCIE lab exams are delivered in an 8-hour format at various testing centers around the world. To register for a JNCIE lab exam:
  1. 1) Visit the JNCIE Lab Exam Schedule to register.
  2. 2) During check-out when prompted for payment, select 'Training Credits' and enter your authorized Juniper Training Credit code #.
JNCP certification exam vouchers are listed at the following prices (USD):
  • JNCIA/JNCDA Associate-level exams $200.
  • JNCIS/JNCDS Specialist-level exams $300.
  • JNCIP Professional-level exams $400.
  • JNCIE Expert-level lab exam $1,600.
You should determine the certification exam level and the number of JTCs you want prior to requesting the certification exam vouchers. For example: If you want two (2) Associate-level exam vouchers, it will require 400 JTCs (2x$200); if you want two (2) Specialist-level exam vouchers, it will require 600 JTCs (2x$300); or if you want two (2) Professional-level exam vouchers, it will require 800 JTCs (2x$400). To request JNCP certification exam vouchers, please follow the instructions below:
  1. 1) Please contact us and provide the following information:
    • Juniper Training Credit code number #
    • Quantity of vouchers needed
    • Email address(es) for the recipient(s) of the vouchers
  2. 2) Allow up to 2 business days to receive the vouchers