This self-paced course uses the Junos J-Web, CLI, Junos Space, and other user interfaces to introduce students to the concept of Juniper Connected Security. Key topics include tasks for advanced security policies, application layer security using the AppSecure suite, IPS rules and custom attack objects, Security Director management, Sky ATP management, JATP management, JSA management, Policy Enforcer management, JIMS management, Juniper Sky Enterprise usage, vSRX and cSRX usage, SSL Proxy configuration, and SRX chassis clustering configuration and troubleshooting. This course is based on Junos OS Release 19.1R1.6, Junos Space 19.1R1, Security Director 19.1R1, JATP, JSA v7.3.2, Policy Enforcer 19.1R1, and JIMS 1.1.5R1.

Through lab demonstrations, students can watch how to configure and monitor the Junos OS and monitor basic device operations.

Note: All-Access Training Pass members or those looking to perform hands-on lab exercises should enroll in the equivalent Instructor-Led or On-Demand courses recommended for the JNCIS-SEC certification. Students can then subscribe to this free course and take the Voucher Assessment Test to receive a voucher code for their written certification exam.

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Certification Track: Security
Difficulty Level: Intermediate
Last Updated: Tuesday, January 25, 2022
Prerequisite Notice
An active JNCIA-SEC certification is required to register for this course. Your Certification CertMetrics ID will be required to verify that you meet the certification prerequisite.

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Juniper Security

Resources to help you along the way

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Course Modules
Module 01: Welcome to Juniper Security
This module gives an overview of the modules taught in the course
Module 02: CLI Overview

User Interface Options. Command-Line Interface. Initial Configuration. Interface Configuration.

2h 1m
Module 03: Advanced Security Policy

Session Management. Junos ALGs. Policy Scheduling. Policy Logging.

1h 46m
Module 04: Application Security Theory

Application ID. Application Signatures. App Track. App Firewall. App QoS. App QoE.

Module 05: Application Security Implementation

AppTrack Implementation. AppFW Implementation. AppQos Implementation. APBR Implementation.

2h 53m
Module 06: Intrusion Detection and Prevention

IPS Overview. IPS Policy. Attack Objects. IPS Configuration. IPS Monitoring.

2h 32m
Module 07: Security Director

Overview. Security Director Objects. Security Director Policy Management.

2h 49m
Module 08: Sky ATP Implementation

Architecture and Key Components. Features and Benefits. Configuration. Compromised Hosts. Command and Control. File Scanning. E-mail Scanning. Geo IP. Security Policy Integration. Troubleshooting.

5h 25m
Module 09: Policy Enforcer

Policy Enforcer Concepts. Configuration Options. Policy Enforcer Installation.

3h 19m
Module 10: JATP Overview

Traffic Inspection. Threat Detection. Threat Analysis. JATP Architecture.

Module 11: JATP Implementation

Data Collectors. Configure SmartCore Analytics Engine. Log Ingestion. Incident Management. SRX Threat Prevention. Third Party Support for Threat Prevention. Reporting.

Module 12: Juniper Secure Analytics

JSA Overview. Data Collection.

2h 12m
Module 13: JIMS

JIMS Overview. JIMS Integration.

1h 58m
Module 14: vSRX and cSRX

vSRX Overview. vSRX Supported Features. vSRX Use Cases. cSRX Overview.

1h 39m
Module 15: SSL Proxy

SSL Proxy Overview. SSL Concepts. SSL Proxy Configurations. Troubleshooting.

1h 34m
Module 16: Cluster Concepts

Chassis Cluster Concepts. Chassis Cluster Operation.

Module 17: Chassis Cluster Implementation

Chassis Cluster Configuration. Chassis Cluster Advanced Options.

3h 47m
Module 18: Chassis Cluster Troubleshooting

Chassis Cluster Case Studies. Troubleshooting Examples.

1h 27m
Module 19: Juniper Sky Enterprise
This module describes how Juniper Sky Enterprise can be used to manage SRX devices.
Module 20: SRX Series Hardware and Interfaces
This module explains SRX device capabilities and interface types.
Security, Specialist (JNCIS-SEC) Voucher Assessment Test
You will have three total attempts to pass the voucher assessment test. If you score 70% or higher you will receive a Pearson Vue discount voucher code for the actual written certification exam. The voucher code will be emailed to you upon successful completion. You may also find the voucher code under your Training History. There are no exceptions to the number of attempts. The voucher code is only valid for a maximum of 30 days. You must schedule and complete your exam within the 30-day window. Voucher extensions or replacements will not be provided.
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