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Mist Access Point Onboarding
This video provides a brief and simple demonstration of setting up a single Mist Access Point. This training is ideal for engineers that are new to working with Mist access points.
MPLS and Segment Routing Automation Using NorthStar (MSRN)

This four-day course is designed to introduce various Juniper NorthStar Controller and NorthStar Planner features including, but not limited to, WAN topology discovery, Multiprotocol Label Switching (MPLS) label switched path (LSP) management, Segment Routed (SR-TE) LSPs, RSVP signaled LSPs, Path Computation Element Protocol (PCEP), LSP optimization, egress peer engineering (EPE), LSP calendaring, maintenance scheduling, NorthStar troubleshooting, REST API, P2MP LSPs, failure simulation, reporting, network modeling, path demand placement, hardware inventory, and an introduction to the HealthBot component. Students will learn to configure and monitor these features that exist on Juniper’s NorthStar Controller and NorthStar Planner platforms with the help of a network built using vMX Series devices. Through demonstrations and hands-on labs, students will gain experience configuring, monitoring, and analyzing the above features of the NorthStar Controller and NorthStar Planner. This course is based on NorthStar Release 6.1.

NorthStar Controller Analytics
This video demonstrates NorthStar Controller Analytics capabilities and how it can be used to adjust traffic flows across a WAN.
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