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  • Juniper Networks Design Fundamentals (JNDF)
  • Intro to Junos Platform Automation and DevOps (IJAUT)
  • Junos Platform Automation and DevOps (JAUT)
  • Advanced Data Center Switching (ADCX)
  • Intro to the Junos Operating System (IJOS)
  • Juniper Cloud Fundamentals (JCF)
  • Junos Enterprise Switching (JEX)
  • Junos Segment Routing (JSR) On-Demand
  • Advanced Junos Enterprise Switching (AJEX)
  • Junos Intermediate Routing (JIR)
  • Advanced Junos Enterprise Routing (AJER)
  • Junos MPLS Fundamentals (JMF)
  • Introduction to Junos Security (IJSEC)
  • Junos Security (JSEC)
  • Advanced Junos Service Provider Routing (AJSPR)
  • Junos Layer 2 VPNs (JL2V)
  • Junos Layer 3 VPNs (JL3V)
  • Circuit to Packet Series (CTP)
  • Junos Service Provider Switching (JSPX)
  • Junos Service Provider Switching (JTNOC)

JNCIE Self-Study Bundles

  • JNCIE-DC (Data Center)
  • JNCIE-SEC (Security)
  • JNCIE-SP (Service Provider)
  • JNCIE-ENT (Enterprise)