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Junos Layer 3 VPNs (JL3V) - ILO 10/2/2019

Junos Layer 3 VPNs (JL3V) - ILO 10/2/2019 
Junos Layer 3 VPNs (JL3V) - ILO
Junos Layer 3 VPNs (JL3V) - ILO
AMER Online
Wednesday, October 2, 2019 7:30 AM PST

This three-day online instructor-led course is designed to provide students with MPLS-based Layer 3 virtual private network (VPN) knowledge and configuration examples. The course includes an overview of MPLS Layer 3 VPN concepts, scaling Layer 3 VPNs, Internet access, Interprovider Layer 3 VPNs, and Multicast for Layer 3 VPNs. This course also covers Junos operating system-specific implementations of Layer 3 VPNs. The concepts are put into practice with a series of in-depth hands-on labs, which will allow participants to gain experience in configuring and monitoring Layer 3 VPNs on Junos OS devices. These hands-on labs utilize Juniper Networks vMX Series devices using the Junos OS Release 19.4R1.10, but are also applicable to other MX Series devices.

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Event Information
  Starting: Wednesday, October 2, 2019 7:30 AM PST
  Ending: Friday, October 4, 2019 3:30 PM PST
  Theater: Americas (AMER)
  Language: English
  Subject: Junos Layer 3 VPNs (JL3V) - ILO
  Location: AMER Online
  Facilitator: Juniper Networks
  Registration Limit: 12
  Number Currently Registered: 7
  Registration Deadline: 9/28/2019 10:30 AM EST