Juniper Cloud Fundamentals (JCF)

Juniper Cloud Fundamentals (JCF) 

This three-day course is designed to provide students with an understanding of cloud enabled networks, cloud service deployment concepts, and virtualized network platforms such as vSRX and vMX. This course provides a high level overview and understanding of the following concepts: Cloud Network Underlays, Cloud Network Overlays, Cloud Design, Cloud Implementation Methods, Cloud Services, and Juniper Networks Virtualized Platforms.

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Course Level

Junos Cloud Fundamentals (JCF) is an introductory-level course.

Intended Audience

The primary audiences for this course are the following:

Individuals responsible for planning and coordinating cloud enabled networks and services in data center, private cloud, public cloud, hybrid cloud, service provider, and enterprise WAN environments.


The following are the prerequisites for this course:

  • Basic TCP/IP skills
  • Basic network understanding
  • General understanding of data center environments
  • General understanding of enterprise WAN environments
  • Basic understanding of virtualization


After successfully completing this course, you should be able to:

  • Explain network overlay and underlay concepts.
  • Describe private, public, and hybrid cloud architecture and implementation.
  • Describe the implementation of services in a cloud networking environment.
  • Describe the implementation and functions of the Juniper vSRX platform.
  • Describe the implementation and functions of the Juniper vMX platform.
  • Describe the implementation and functions of the Juniper NFX platform.
  • Explain the role of Juniper Networks virtualized platforms in public cloud offerings.
  • Describe the functionality and use of Juniper Networks Cloud Connector.
  • Explain the need for Software Defined Networking.
  • List basic SDN concepts.
  • Describe common types of SDN implementation.
  • Describe the main Network Function Virtualization components.
  • Describe cloud services monitoring.
  • Explain the role and functions of AppFormix in cloud services.
  • Explain SDN WAN concepts.
  • Describe the role, functions, and features of the NorthStar Controller.
  • Describe the role, functions, and features of NorthStar Planner.
  • Describe the role and functions a vCPE and uCPE components.
  • Explain the role, components and functions of Contrail Service Orchestration.
  • Explain the role, components and functions of Contrail Networking.
  • Explain Software Defined Secure Network concepts.
  • Describe methods to secure an SDN environment.
  • Explain the functionality of SDSN components.

Course Contents

Day 1

Chapter 1: Course Introduction

Chapter 2: Cloud Components

  • Network Overlay and Underlay Concepts
  • Private, Public, and Hybrid Cloud Architecture and Implementation
  • Types of Series in a Cloud Network Environment

Chapter 3: Virtualized Platforms

  • Implementation of the vSRX Platform
  • Implementation of the vMX Platform
  • Implementation of the NFX Platform
  • Juniper Networks Virtualized Platforms in Public Clouds
  • Cloud Connector
  • Lab: Deploying Juniper Networks Virtual Devices - vMX

Chapter 4: SDN Fundamentals

  • The Need for SDN
  • Main SDN Concepts
  • Common Types of SDN

Day 2

Chapter 5: Network Function Virtualization

  • Introduction to NFV Architecture
  • Main NFV Components
  • Examples of VNFs
  • Lab: Manually Deploying VNFs

Chapter 6: Orchestration and Automation

  • Orchestration and Automation Tools in Cloud Networking
  • Difference between SDN Automation and Orchestration
  • Roles of Cloud Networking Components
  • Contrail Networking Components

Chapter 7: AppFormix

  • Role of AppFormix
  • Components of AppFormix
  • Monitoring Services in AppFormix
  • Lab: AppFormix

Day 3

Chapter 8: SDN WAN Solutions

  • SDN WAN Concepts
  • Components of the NorthStar SDN WAN Controller
  • NorthStar Controller in WAN Environments
  • NorthStar Planner Concepts
  • Functionality of NorthStar Planner

Chapter 9: Cloud CPE

  • Legacy Versus Cloud CPE Architecture
  • Cloud CPE with Contrail Service Orchestration
  • Lab: Cloud CPE (video demonstration)

Chapter 10: Cloud Security

  • Software Defined Security Network Concepts
  • Security Risks in an SDN Environment
  • Methods to Secure an SDN Environment
  • Lab: Cloud Security using Sky ATP
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    11/30/2021 7:30 AM PST Juniper Cloud Fundamentals (JCF) - ILO Americas (AMER) Instructor-led Online Juniper Networks English Open
    3/14/2022 9:00 AM CET Juniper Cloud Fundamentals (JCF) - ILO Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA) Instructor-led Online Juniper Networks English Open