Paragon Active Assurance for Automated WAN (PAAW)

Paragon Active Assurance for Automated WAN (PAAW) 

This two-day course provides the opportunity for students to develop the knowledge and skills required to configure, operate, monitor, and maintain Paragon Active Assurance deployments. The goal of the Paragon Active Assurance course is to give students hands-on experience with the tools they require to effectively use and manage Paragon Active Assurance Control Center and the Test Agents.

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Course Level


Intended Audience

Networking architects and operators, system engineers, DevOps, and IT professionals, anyone individual responsible for identifying, understanding, troubleshooting, and resolving issues in service provider networks.


The following are the prerequisites for this course:

  • Basic TCP/IP skills
  • Attendance of the Introduction to Paragon Active Assurance (IPAA) course prior to attending this class
  • Basic knowledge of network routing is recommended


After successfully completing this course, you should be able to:

  • Deploy and administer Paragon Active Assurance.
  • Monitor and test network performance using Paragon Active Assurance.
  • Integrate Paragon Active Assurance into OSS.
  • Test site activation using Paragon Active Assurance.

Course Contents

Day 1

Chapter 1: Course Introduction

Chapter 2: PAA Solution Components

  • PAA Overview
  • Passive and Active Monitoring
  • Use Cases

Chapter 3: Test Agent Architecture

  • Test Agents Overview
  • Appliance
  • Application
  • LAB 1: Test Agent Registration

Chapter 4: Tests

  • Overview
  • Types of Tests
  • Test Status
  • LAB 2: Site Activation Testing

Day 2

Chapter 5: Monitors

  • Overview
  • Types of Monitors
  • Monitor Status
  • LAB 3: Continuous Network Performance Monitoring

Chapter 6: Testing and Monitoring Templates

  • Overview
  • Types of Templates
  • LAB 4: Working with Templatess

Chapter 7: Getting Ready with REST APIs

  • Overview
  • Main Concepts
  • SWAGGER tool
  • Use Cases
  • LAB 5: Automation via REST APIs

Module 8: Management and Integration with OSS

  • Inventory
  • Alarms
  • SNMP
  • Applications
  • OSS Integration

Appendix A: NETCONF and YANG APIs

  • YANG

Appendix B: Lifecycle Management

  • Overview
  • Fundamentals for the PAA Installation
  • Service Configuration
  • Monitoring System Health
  • System Troubleshooting

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12/13/2021 9:00 AM SGT Paragon Active Assurance for Automated WAN (PAAW) - ILO Asia Pacific (APAC) Instructor Led Online Juniper Networks English Open
1/10/2022 9:00 AM CET Paragon Active Assurance for Automated WAN (PAAW) - ILO Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA) Instructor-led Online Juniper Networks English Open
1/19/2022 7:30 AM PST Paragon Active Assurance for Automated WAN (PAAW) - ILO Americas (AMER) Instructor-led Online Juniper Networks English Open
3/24/2022 7:30 AM PST Paragon Active Assurance for Automated WAN (PAAW) - ILO Americas (AMER) Instructor-led Online Juniper Networks English Open