This self-paced On-Demand eLearning course provides you with the foundational knowledge required to work with Juniper Contrail. The course summarizes cloud concepts, virtual networks, and cloud management. Key topics include fundamental cloud concepts, Linux virtualization, network virtualization, software-defined networking (SDN), Network Functions Virtualization (NFV), and an introduction to OpenStack, Kubernetes, and Contrail. Watch a Sneak Peek.

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Difficulty: Foundational
Last Updated: Tuesday, April 19, 2022
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Introduction to Juniper Cloud Fundamentals
This module introduces what will be taught in the JCF course.
Fundamental Cloud Concepts
Identify key cloud concepts. Describe components of cloud architecture. Identify Juniper solutions for cloud infrastructure.
Linux Virtualization
Overview of the Linux architecture. Describe the concept of Linux virtualization.

Lab 1: Linux Virtualization
1h 9m
Linux Namespaces
Overview of the Linux containment features. Describe the concept of network namespaces. Describe the concept of Linux bridging.

Lab 2: Linux Namespaces
Describe containerization using Docker. Describe Docker networking.

Lab: Containerization
Lab 4: cSRX
1h 58m
Network Virtualization
Describe concepts of virtual networks. Describe how to extend virtual network.

Lab 5: Network Virtualization
JCF Activity 01
Training activity to reinforce topics learned in the JCF course.
Network Functions Virtualization and Software-Defined Networking
Describe the concepts of Software-defined networking (SDN). Describe the concepts of Network Functions Virtualization (NFV).
Introduction to OpenStack
Describe the OpenStack fundamentals. Describe OpenStack UI.

Lab 6: OpenStack Configuration—WebUI
OpenStack Configuration
Identify the OpenStack interfaces. Describe the OpenStack orchestration concepts. Describe how to create instances in OpenStack.

Lab 7: OpenStack Configuration—CLI
OpenStack Networking
Describe OpenStack networks and security groups. Describe OpenStack routing. Describe the concept of Floating IP addresses and load balancing.

Lab 8: OpenStack Networking
JCF Activity 02
This learning activity reinforces content learned in the JCF course.
Introduction to Kubernetes
Overview of Kubernetes fundamentals.

Lab 9: Kubernetes Basics
1h 20m
Kubernetes Networking
Describe how to provision a Kubernetes cluster. Describe Kubernetes networking.

Lab 10: Kubernetes Networking
Cloud Native Contrail Networking Basic Configuration
Overview of Contrail Networking. Describe the features of Contrail Networking.
Contrail Basic Configuration
Overview of the installation requirements. Explore the Contrail UI. Describe how to create a virtual network in Contrail. Describe how to create basic security controls.

Lab 11: Contrail Basic Configuration
JCF Activity 03
This learning activity reinforces concepts taught in the JCF course.
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