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Open Lab

OpenLab serves as a global resource for innovators who want to build network-integrated software applications and solutions.  Customers, partners, students and others use OpenLab to learn about new automation technologies and develop and test solutions that harness network intelligence and automation capabilities.  In addition to providing for collaboration and conference space for various engagements, OpenLab offers educational programs on emerging technologies and offers hands-on global lab access to its hardware and software assets.

Note that we will adding new sessions in the future to encompass additional programmable platforms/capabilities. Custom deliveries of these sessions are also available for Juniper Networks customers and partners.

  Below is a list of scheduled dates when this event will take place. Some events require registration for attendance so you will need to click on the date for more information regarding the specific event.

If you don't see the date you prefer, please email us at to request a date or schedule your custom training session.

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