Introduction to the IOS-to-Junos (I2J) Translator (WBT)

Introduction to the IOS-to-Junos (I2J) Translator (WBT) 
Converting existing Cisco IOS configurations to Junos can be complex and time-consuming. The Juniper IOS-to-Junos Translator makes the process painless by easily converting existing configurations to Junos. This Web-based training (WBT) is a self-paced course that introduces new users to the Translator and guides them through the process of converting their configurations.

Course Objectives

This program is designed to help customers migrate from Cisco Systems devices to Juniper Networks devices by using the IOS to Junos Translator. Upon completing this program, users should have the knowledge necessary to convert IOS configuration files to Junos configuration files through the use of the I2J translator.

Course Contents

Section 1: Introduction

Section 2: The I2J Interface

  • Introduction
  • Accessing I2J
  • Home Page
  • IOS Input Page
  • IOS Input Options

Section 3: I2J Demonstration

  • I2J Demonstration: Brief Configuration
  • I2J Demonstration: Long Configuration
  • Interface Mapping

Section 4: Navigation Menu Options

  • I2J Home
  • Feature Status
  • Other Menu Options

Section 5: I2J Translator Security

  • Security Measures

Section 6: More Information

Section 7: Conclusion