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EX8208 Ethernet Switch Installation and Initial Configuration-WBT

EX8208 Ethernet Switch Installation and Initial Configuration-WBT 
EX8208 Ethernet Switch Installation and Initial Configuration-WBT

About this Course

This Web-based training (WBT) is a self-paced course that describes the preinstallation considerations and installation process for the EX8208 Ethernet switch. It is designed to provide those who install the hardware during the installation, configuration, and service procedures with detailed demonstrations and technical information.

Course Objectives

On completing this course, you will be able to:

  • Specify preinstallation and configuration considerations for the EX8208 Ethernet switch
  • Install the EX8208 Ethernet switch

Course Contents

Section 1: Introduction

Section 2: EX8208 Ethernet Switch Installation

  • Product Overview
  • Unpacking the Switch
  • Installing the Switch with and without a Mechanical Lift
  • Installing a Line Card
  • Installing a Transceiver
  • Installing a Fiber Optic Cable
  • Connecting to Management and Alarm Devices
  • Connecting to AC Power
  • Initial Switch Configuration

Section 3: Replacing a Fan Tray

Section 4: Replacing an SRE Module

Section 5: Replacing an SF Module

Section 6: Replacing a Line Card

Section 7: Replacing a Transceiver

Section 8: Replacing an AC Power Supply

Section 9: Additional Information

Section 10: Course Summary